Preserving the artist's heritage

The Senior Artists initiative website is undergoing a major revision from July 20 though September 15.  Some previously available pages and information may not be available until the revision is complete

Twenty Years of History and New Initiatives

Founded in 1998 Senior Artists Initiative dedicated itself to educate artists about the need to and means of preserving their artistic heritage. Over the past twenty years it has video recorded over one hundred oral histories of recognized Philadelphia regional visual artists.  Employing workshops, published articles, audio and video recordings SAI has informed thousands of visual artists and their heirs about the intricacies of estate planning, and the need to inventory artwork for estate purposes. Most recently it has embarked on new initiatives with a continuing focus on ts mission. SAI now directs is efforts toward not only notably accomplished visual artists but also emerging artists and students of visual art. You can see the full extent of our efforts at this Website.