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Keith Morrison

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Keith Anthony Morrison

911 Dale Rd.

Meadowbrook, PA 19046

Home phone: 215-886-1362

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Keith Anthony Morrison is a Jamaican painter, printmaker, educator, art critic, art curator and university administrator. He holds the Jamaican National title: Commander of Distinction.

Keith Anthony Morrison represented Jamaica in the 2001, Venice Biennale, the world’s most famous and prestigious art exhibition, the only time Jamaica has been represented there. He also represented Jamaica in the Caribbean Biennale in Santo Domingo, in 1994. He curated the art exhibition, Ceremony in Space and Time and sound, an exhibition of 14 Jamaican artists living in Jamaica and abroad, for the National Art of Jamaica, in Kingston in 2008. He is the subject of the biography, Keith Morrison, by Dr. Rene Ater, 2004; His paintings form the foundation for an anthology by scholars from the Caribbean, Latin American, US, and the UK, titled, African Diaspora in the Cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, 2014. His painting is the iconic image on the cover of the book, Senghorian Meditations: The Onthology of Afro-Diasporic Aesthetics, by Professor Marc Mae Bekele, to be published by L’Harmattan Press, Paris, France, March 2015. Morrison has exhibited worldwide, including in the Venice Biennale, the Museum of Modern Monterrey, Mexico, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian Institution and the deYoung Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and exhibitions in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Egypt, Lebanon, Liberia, Japan, Brazil, Cuba, India, and China. In the USA he has had solo exhibitions in cities such as New York, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston. Morrison has had a distinguished career as an art critic, having published in many books, periodicals, newspapers, and museum catalogues. He is also an international art curator.  He is author of the book, Art in Washington and Its African-American Presence, 1940 to 1970. He has curated art exhibitions in Cuba, the USA and Jamaica. In 2008 he represented the USA as critic to the Shanghai Biennale. He was Fulbright Senior Scholar to China the following year. Keith Morrison was the first African-American to be appointed academic dean of art in a predominantly white American university, a position he has been appointed to 5 times in different institutions. Morrison served as Dean of Tyler School of ArtTemple University, Philadelphia; Dean for the College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University; Dean for Academic Affairs, San Francisco Art Institute, and Dean for the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was previously Professor and Chair of the Art Department. He was a Distinguished Visiting Artist/Scholar at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Previously he was Associate Dean and Associate Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago; Art Department Chair, DePaul University; and Assistant Professor of Art at Fisk University. More information may be found elsewhere on the web, including museum and university websites, and at

Keith Morrison is the Professor of Art, Tyler School of Art, Temple University. He is an internationally known artist, art educator, author, painter, printmaker, curator, art critic and art consultant. 

Birth: Linstead, Jamaica, May 20, 1942


M.F.A., (plus Art Education) Art Institute of Chicago, 1965 

B.F.A., Art Institute of Chicago, 1963 

Also studied at: University of Chicago; DePaul University; Loyola University

Calabar High School, Jamaica.

Academic Appointments:

Professor of Art, Temple University, 2008 –

Visiting Professor, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China, 2008

Dean Tyler School of Art, Temple University, 2005-2008

Dean, College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University, Jan. 1997-2005 

Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, 

University of Maryland, College Park, July 1996 to Jan. 1997

Dean, College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University, June.1994 to June 1996.

Dean, San Francisco Art Institute, Jan., 1993- June 1994

Chairman, Department of Art, Univ. of Maryland, 1987-1992 

King-Chavez Distinguished Visiting Scholar,

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Jan.-Feb., 1990

Graduate Lecturer: Maryland Institute of Art, 1989-90

Art Studio Coordinator, Dept. of Art,

University of Maryland, College Park, 1987.

Professor of Art, University of Maryland, 1979-present.

Associate Professor of Art, University of Illinois, 

Chicago, 1971-79.

Associate Dean, College of Architecture and Art, 

University of Illinois, Chicago, 1974-78.

Chairman and Associate Professor of Art, 

DePaul University, Chicago, 1969-71.

Assistant Professor of Art, Fisk University, 

Nashville, Tennessee, 1967-68.

Instructor of Art, Public School System, Gary, Indiana


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Magical Visions

University of Delaware Museums, fall 2011

Exhibition of paintings, photographs, sculptures and video.

Artists: Terry Adkins, Sonya Clark, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Barkley L. Hendricks, calep Linzy, Karyn Olivier, Odili Odita, Faith Ringgold, William T.Williams

Keith Morrison wrote the catalogue essay

The Curator’s Eye III 

at the National Gallery of Art, Kingston, Jamaica, 2008

Exhibition including film, video, performance, multimedia, painting, sculpture, prints.

Wrote catalogue essay.

Guest curator for the exhibition of international artists from the US, Denmark, Britain, Jamaica.

Artists include: Michelle Eistrup, Cleve Bowen, Carol Campbell, Carol Creigton, Paula Daly, Lawrence Graham-Brown, Albert Chong, Khepera Hatsheptwa, Andy Jefferson, O’Neil Lawrence, Tal Rickards, Ebony Patterson

Metaphor/Commentaries: Artists from Cuba

An exhibition jointly curated with Helmo Hernandez, Director of the Ludwig Foundation in Havana. The exhibition of photographs, prints, installations and videos included work of the following artists, all of whom lived in Cuba at the time: Juan Carlos Alon, Cirenaica Moreira, Marlon Castellanos, José Manuel Fors, Abigail González, Antonio Nüñez, Ramón Pacheco, René Peña, Manuel Piña, Sandra Ramos, Enrique Alvarez, Tania Bruguera, Pavel Giroud, and Luisa Marisy. The catalogue essay, “Contemporary Artists for Cuba,” was written by Keith Morrison. The exhibition was selected in Cuba and shown at the Art Gallery, San Francisco State University, Feb. 21 – March 24, 1999

American Prints at the Brandywine Workshop.

A United States Information Agency exhibition traveling throughout Africa (1987-89). Including 50 offset lithographs, serigraphs and etchings of 35 artists. Some of the artists: Jules Olitski, John Dowell, Richard Hunt, Sam Gilliam, James DuPree, Hitoshi Nagazato. The show is accompanied by a color catalogue whose main essay is written by Keith Morrison (see "Catalogues").The exhibition traveled to: the National Museum, Bamako, Mali; the American Cultural center, Niamey, Niger; the School of Fine Arts Gallery, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; Municipal Gallery, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Contemporary Print Images

An exhibition of prints from the Brandywine Workshop prepared and traveled to museums throughout the U.S. (1986-88) by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. The exhibition included work by 19 artists, including Frank Smith, Elizabeth Catlett-Mora, Benny Andrews, Selma Burke, John Wade and James Wells. A catalogue with photographs and an essay written by Keith Morrison accompanied the exhibition. 

Myth and Ritual 

An exhibition of nine artists from Washington, D.C., at Touchstone Gallery (a co-op. gallery), Washington, D.C., February, 1986. The artists: Sam Gilliam, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Yvonne Carter, Sylvia Snowden, Frank Smith, Denise Ward-Brown, Michael Platt, Jerome Meadows and Percy Martin. The exhibition included a catalogue essay written by Keith Morrison (see "Catalogues").

Evocative Abstraction

An exhibition of abstract art from Washington, D.C., at Nexus Gallery (Suzanne Horowitz, director) Philadelphia, PA., January, 1986. The artists: William Willis, W.C. Richardson, Walter Kravitz, Chris Gardener, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Patrice Kehoe, Steven Cushner and Keith Morrison. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue with photographs and essay written by Keith Morrison (see "Catalogues"). 

Art in Washington and its Afro-American Presence: 1940-1970.

An exhibition of 140 historical works, including paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts from the U.S., Central and South America, and Ancient African art. Accompanied by a catalogue/book, with black and white and color reproductions, written by Keith Morrison (see "Catalogue/Book). 

Exhibition held at Washington Project for the Arts (Jock Reynolds, director) April, 1985.

Alternatives by Blacks

An exhibition of painting, sculptures and environmental installations of eight artists including: Terry Adkins (Virginia), Yvonne Carter (Washington), David C. Driskell (Maryland), Sherman Fleming (Washington), Sam Gilliam (Washington), Lois Mailou Jones (Washington), Jerome Meadows (Maryland), Martha Jackson-Jarvis (Washington), Robert Owings (Baltimore), Lorenzo Pace (Chicago), Gregg Pitts (Los Angeles), Joyce Scott (Baltimore). A catalogue accompanied the exhibition.

Held at Washington Project for the Arts (Al Nodal, director) Washington, D.C.

Black Experience in Art.

An exhibition of ten Mid-Western artists including Geraldine McCullough, Ralph Arnold, Bertram Phillips, Nelson Stevens, Sherman Beck.

Exhibition held at Bergman Gallery (Virgil Bernett, director), University of Chicago, 1971.

Jacob Lawrence's Toussaint L'Ouverture Series.

An exhibition of the 39 works of the series of paintings, borrowed from Fisk University. Held at DePaul University Gallery (Keith Morrison, director), Chicago, IL., May, 1969.


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Solo/Duo Exhibitions 

University of Delaware Museums, fall, 2011

Luce Gallery, Cornell College, Iowa, 2008

511 Gallery, NYC, 2005 

Brandywine Graphic Workshop, Philadelphia, PA2005

Miller/Geisler Gallery, NYC, 2002 

“Writing / Visual Art Collaborations,” UK and Washington DC, 2016

De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA, 1998 -- duo

Bomani Gallery, San Francisco, 1996

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Alternative Museum, NYC, 1990

Fonda Del Sol, Washington D.C. 1990

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1990

Hampton University, VA., 1988 -- duo

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Brody’s Gallery, Washington, D.C., 1987

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Monrovia, Liberia, 1979

Chicago State University, Chicago, 1978

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Illinois State Arts Council, Chicago.  1975

South Side Art Center, Chicago, 1975

Carl Van Vechten Gallery, Fisk University, 1974

Group Exhibitions 

Driskell Center, University of Maryland, 2018

Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2016

Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, No. 2014

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         Minnolo Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida, Feb.,

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Art as Image of America," Indiana University, Pennsylvania, 1983

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National Title: Commander in the Order of Distinction, Jamaica, 2018

Lifetime Achievement Award, Brandywine Workshop, Philadelphia, 2013

Fulbright to China, 2009

US Cultural Envoy to Shanghai Biennale, 2008

Venice Biennale, 2001

King/Chavez Distinguished Visiting Scholar,

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1990

Distinguished Achievement in Painting, National Association 

for Equal Opportunity in Education, 1984.

International Award for Painting, Organization of African Unity, Liberia, 1978.

Bicentennial Award for Painting,

City of Chicago, IL., 1976.

Danforth Foundation Associate,

St. Louis, MO., 1971-72.

Ford Foundation Graduate Student,

Art Institute of Chicago, IL., 1963-65.


Art Institute of Chicago                Corcoran Gallery of Art

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Bell Telephone Company             Prudential Insurance Co.

Bill Cosby Collection                   Talladega College

National Gallery of Jamaica             Horowich Collection      

University of the West Indies          Fisk University

Artery, Washington, D.C.                Philadelphia Mus. of Art                                          

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Afro-Am. Art/ Culture

National Museum of American Art Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China

Cincinnati Museum of Art Flint Institute of Art

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