Preserving the artist's heritage
Robert Roesch
Interviewed in 2011
Sponsored by Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Jeri Getson and Sharlene Heller, Docents
John Ducher and Michael Piantadosi,Videographers
Mark Kenney, Sound
Jane Mason, Advisor

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Biographical statement

Robert Roesch was born in New York State, lives in Pennsylvania, and works in a studio in the New Jersey Pinelands.  He is a graduate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY and the State University of New York. Roesch is Chair of Sculpture at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and a member of the Philadelphia Art Commission. He has received 12 grants, including 2 Fulbright Specialist Awards. His work is in museum collections Internationally. He has completed 20 major public art projects including the Gateway to the City of Wichita Kansas and a major work for the Government of China. Roesch will be returning to China this fall to build another sculpture in the city of Jiande, RAINWALL. He was the Cultural Advisor to US Embassies in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Ecuador, and Myanmar. Roesch was an invited artist in the 2007 and 2009  Biennials in Egypt, and with his partner Suzanne Horvitz, represented USA in the 2009 Baku Biennial.  He lectured throughout Japan in 2006-07, and was the guest of the Chinese Government and the Academy of Fine Arts in Hang Zhou, China in 2008.

Critic Burton Wasserman, in his February, 2010 article in Icon Magazine, (pg 11) calls Roesch, "A seasoned master of a style best described as the abstract sublime…. To feel the vitality of his awesome artistic geometry is to identify with mighty presences at work in the universe at large.  Joined together with a touch of virtuosity, they open existential realms of perception, amplifying rare metaphysical states of dynamic expansion.  They are realities able to plumb the core of one’s innermost sense of contact to the past, the present and the future.  In their own terms, they embody a profound sense of poetry. "


2010-   “RAINWALL” Public Art Project in Jiande China   Awarded by the Government of China.


2010 – "TAKEFLIGHT” Public Art Project in Norwich CT. Awarded by the State of CT.
             Installation: April 2009

2008- "TRANSDUCTION CHINA "  Awarded by the Government of China.
           Installation:  October, 2008 as a permanent feature in Hangzhou China’s West Lake area.

2003 – "MOMENTUM"  Texas A & M, Corpus Christi, Sculptured Entrance to the University
    4 acres.  280 feet by 46 feet h  
    Part of the sculpture’s design has become the logo for the Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus
    Reference: Dr. Trent Hill VP Texas A&M     361 825 6005

2002 – "PEACOCK LIGHT RAIL SHELTERS" Horvitz / Roesch Collaboration Awarded by the South Eastern     PA Transportation Authority.
    2 shelters of Stainless steel & Bronze. They stand at the entrance of the Philadelphia Zoo.  
     Reference: Marsha Moss      215 925 3384

2002 – "ALCHEMY” FL Atlantic University – three 16-foot stainless steel and corten spires- at the entrance     to the Education Building.
    Awarded by the State of FL,
    Reference: Patty Singer, 561 297 0164

1998  - "MOONHARP REFLECTING POOL" A sculptured water environment 13 x 60 x 40 feet.
    Awarded by General Instruments Corp, Horsham, PA.                                                                                                    

1999 - "ORION PROJECT”, Awarded by the state of NC, a hillside work of lighted pyramids identifying     the major stars in the constellation Orion, marking the entrance to the Science and     astronomy Complex, NC State Arts,

1997 – "WIND SPIRIT GATEWAY" The Gateway to The City of Wichita KS  -ten 16 ft lighted stainless steel     spires with two 20 ft. stepped limestone berms, topped by two 18 ft. stainless steel shapes.     Awarded by the City of Wichita. 
    Director of Public Art,  John D’Angelo: 316.337.9040

1997 - "WATER-WALL" Brass & Steel, 22ft/16ft/4ft, Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC       

1994 - "CATALYST” 13 ft.  12ft x 10 ft. x 80 ft., Tensile supported stainless steel, lighted corten steel &      landscaped areas of wildflowers and river rock .
    Computer associates, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Other sited commissioned works Include:

Wave: Atlantic                                       Gallman Group, Longport, NJ
Untitled.                                                 South Walnut Plaza, Wilmington, DE,
Softly Spoken Words,                            Sanborn Square Park, Boca Raton, FL,
Wave:                                                     Lynmark Group, Suffern, NY,
Untitled, State University of NY,             Farmingdale, NY 


GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE                                            New Jersey
PAPER MUSEUM                                                                 Tokyo, Japan,   
KYOTO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM             Kyoto, Japan                      
BIBLIOTHECA ALEXANDRINA MUSEUM                            Alexandria, Egypt
NOVELTY                                                                              Philadelphia, Pa.
BENEFICIAL                                                                          Wilmington, DE
RCA VICTOR                                                                         New York, NY
USIA Arts America                                                                 Washington, DC
A R A TOWER                                                                        Philadelphia, PA
BANTAM DOUBLEDAY DELL                                                New York, NY
FIDELITY BANK                                                                     Philadelphia, PA
MARINE MIDLAND BANK                                                      New York, NY
METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART                                    Coral Gables, FL
McALLEN INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM                                 McAllen Texas
(Horvitz / Roesch collaboration)
GLASMUSEUM EBELTOFT                                                   Denmark
(Horvitz / Roesch collaboration)
WICHITA MUSEUM OF ART                                                  Wichita, KS
RHONE-POULENC RORER INC.                                          Collegeville, PA.
WESTLAKES TRAMMEL CROW CO.                                    Tredyffrin, PA


2010 -  NOYES MUSEUM                                                     Smithville, NJ
2010-   Sande Webster Gallery                                              Philadelphia Pa.
2009-  Baku Biennial                                                              Azerbaijan   
2008-  Sande Webster Gallery                                               Philadelphia, Pa.
2007-  Tera Gallery                                                                 Kyoto, Japan
2007-   City Arts                                                                      Wichita KS
2006-  Sande Webster Gallery                                                Philadelphia, Pa.
2002  - Moon Gallery,                                                              Rome, GA       
2000-2001   -American Cultural Center Gallery                      Alexandria, Egypt          
1999 -  Le Pont Gallery,                                                          Aleppo, Syria                       
1999 -  Gallery Amar                                                               Latakia Syria, May
1999-   Sande Webster Gallery                                               Philadelphia, Pa.


2009    Independence foundation grant
             Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant to Baku, Azerbaijan
2006     Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant - On the Roster until 2011
             Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan in 2006.
2001     Cultural Specialist grant U. S. Information Agency to Alexandria, Egypt
2000    ACULSPEC Grant,  USIA 1 month travel to Damascus and Aleppo, Syria
1998     Cultural Specialist grant U. S. Information Agency to Cairo, Egypt  
1997     Cultural Specialist grant from U. S. Information Agency for travel to Damascus, Syria 3.12.1997 /     3.27.1997
1996     Ford Foundation Grant through the PA Academy of the Fine Arts
1996      Cultural Specialist grant U. S. I A for travel Ecuador and Argentina


Philadelphia Fine Art Commission,                                   Appointed by Mayor Michael Nutter 2008
PA Academy of the Fine Arts,                                           Professor of Fine Arts  from 1983 to present
                                                                                          Chair of Sculpture past 4 years
Cultural Advisor to the US Embassy,                                Burma, Ecuador, Argentina, Egypt, Syria &                                                                                                                   Azerbaijan.
Parsons School of Design, NY, NY                                   Instructor of design (4 years)
State University of NY, Farmingdale, NY.                          Assistant professor (2 years)
Southampton College -Long Island University, NY.           Assistant professor (11 years)


Pratt Institute,                             Brooklyn, NY -         School of Fine Arts BFA
State University of New York,     Farmingdale, NY     School of Art and Design BA


Joanne Nerlino Associates,     New York, NY 
Sande Webster Gallery,           Philadelphia, Pa

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